I’ve not posted in so long! I’m so sorry. My blog posts will be on hold until further notice. 

I’m currently buying and moving into my first house, so it’s a little bit crazy at the moment. I will also be without internet until the 7th of August!!! First world problems, I know. 

But just bear with me, I’ll be back on it before you can say ‘who-the-feck-can-live-without-wifi-in-2016’?!? 

I’ll be keeping up to date on my Instagram so give me a follow there 😊
Big love.


New home inspiration…Livingroom

Buying a house isn’t easy, especially for first time buyers.

Myself and my boyfriend are buying our first home, 3 months later we still haven’t go the keys!
It’s a long and tedious process but at the end of it we will have our own slice of England. I’m going to write a little bit about how I want my house to look, all images taken from the amazing Pinners on Pintrest. So lets drool over some interiors!

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